Causes of religious crises in nigeria essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article. Abacha came and plucked the previously influential Ibrahim Dasuki from the throne.

Religious Crisis in Nigeria

If it is possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men If such teachings are emulated by both Muslims and non-Muslims of the world, and Nigeria in particular, there will be no religious crisis.

When a married man or married woman commits adultery he or she will be killed. This means that tension occurs when individuals who feel that they are deprived attempt to increase their stake of power or wealth or to alter the central beliefs, values, norms and philosophies.

These supports only help in fueling crisis of ethnic nature in the country. However, politicisation of Christianity has been reliant on moves by the Muslims and the interventions of the government. One may likely say that such crisis were not religious as such, since the holy prophet states in one of his traditions that the blood of a brother Muslim is only lawful in three ways: Restrictions on treading of assembly movement, Press, speech and religion; infringement of privacy rights; and the abridgement of the right of citizen to change the government.

Human being from time immersed born into wealth and destined to inherit great possession from their relation have renounced them and turned themselves into beggars from their religious beliefs. It was just like a vengeful operation.

Community identity and political behavior. Introduction Nigeria is synonymous with deep divisions which cause major political issues to be vigorously and violently contested along the lines of intricate ethnic, religious and regional divisions.

This is because from the parliamentary to judiciary, to executive and the securities, they are all products of the same rotten Boko System.

Despite everything, the group leaders have often stated that they are still fighting for justice and the Islamisation of Nigeria Roach The Pentecostal churches form the fundamental division of Christianity in Nigeria which has experienced rapid growth in numbers of followers in the last few years with the majority of adherents, especially the youths, joining the church from the older and more traditional denominations.

This exclusion was to later have a serious implication on the relationship between the people of the north and those of the South, East and West.

Although there are over languages in Nigeria, only three are considered important while the rest are considered minor languages. UntilNigeria was a British colony. There should be total war against the debilitating problems of ignorance, poverty and disease, therefore promoting the well being of the individuals that make up the nation.

The absence of vehicles of social control that were characteristic of traditional African societies, such as kinship, religious and political systems concerned with the well-being of the community, has led to the escalation of ethno-religious conflicts.

A survey conducted in Nigeria by Lewis and Bratton found that almost half of Nigerians This situation of enmity between the various ethnic groups was according to Ryder From the 18th century onwards when the slave trade supplied weapons that made these conflicts more destructive.

And as among the Christians, the Muslims also have umbrella bodies which aim at propagating different understandings of Islam.

Several hundred lives were lost during the Kaduna crisis of and the Jos insurrection of Religion means different things to different people. Let him eschew evil, and do good, let him seek peace and ensue it. This action was marked by mutual suspicion and sometimes open conflict between the diversed ethnic groups.

The ruling class has applied a number of processes to express their dissatisfaction with exclusion from important decision-making processes of the country. The historical roots of crises and conflicts in Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular can be traced back to these primordial social factors of ethnography, geography, religion and culture.

Secondly, how the human agents have used man, family and government/state to engender crises and conflicts. Religious Crisis in Nigeria. Religion: Causes and consequences of religious crises in nigeria.

Reply. “I was actually given this topic as an essay at school Religious crisis a declining hazard in Nigeria” for or against the motion I don’t see anything positive in topic for me to go against.

This essay is an attempt at identifying the remote and immediate causes of the incessant religious crises in northern towns and cities, if you’d rather the so-called middle belt political zone of the north.

The root cause of religious crises in Northern Nigeria is endemic poverty and mass unemployment particularly among the youths. Poverty is generally widespread in Nigeria, but the fact is that it is most pervasive in Northern Nigeria.

Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria

Search Results for 'ethno religious crisis in nigeria causes' Political Crisis In Nigeria: Causes And Cures This year is to be a year of faith and I find myself reflecting a lot on what it means to follow Jesus. TITLE PAGE RELIGIOUS UNREST IN NIGERIA: CAUSES, EFFECTS AND SOLUTION.

DEDICATION I want to dedicate this work to those prospective authors that dedicated their time to evaluate files and write about the religious situation in the country and give their general opinions on the matter.

Causes of religious crises in nigeria essay
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